Want to buy something?

Why aren’t there any prices listed on the website?

There are no prices listed on the website because they rise and fall according to several variables. However, you can be sure that you will always receive the studio value which will be the lowest cost to you and does not have any add on costs (i.e. commission rate) attached to it. The only additional cost is handling & shipping.  Prices for paintings currently range from currently $100-$1000.


To find out which paintings are available for purchase you can scroll through the pages to see which ones are labeled “available” beneath each image. For more efficient perusal you may use the search engine and the word “available” which will display only the available paintings.

To inquire about pricing please contact the studio via email:

loughlinstudio2012 “at” gmail.com

If you have never emailed me before your email will most likely go into my spam folder. Don’t worry though, I check it every day. But you might be specific in your subject line with “price inquiry” or something like that.

PAYMENT POLICY: Payment for a painting will be due prior to shipping and include shipping an handling costs.  Overseas shipping costs will depend on the country of destination.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Personal checks are acceptable as are money orders, cash, and cashier’s checks. Your painting(s) will ship in the same week your payment has cleared.


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