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$200 (8″x 10″)

– or –

$350 (11″x 12″)

PACKAGE INCLUDES: an unframed watercolor rendition of your pet (on a background selected by the artist) produced with quality watercolors and dyes on fine acid-free Arches watercolor paper. A portrait may take up to 1 month to complete, if you are considering a portrait as a gift for a specific date please keep this in mind. Plus:

  • Free shipping within the continental US.
  • Free Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Free CD with the image of the painting to use for your own purposes, such as notecards.

REQUIRED: A high-resolution, quality photograph of pet (send as many as possible, use a zip file if necessary). Photos taken with ordinary cell/flip phones are typically unsatisfactory as they lose most or all detail once scaled to portrait size. However, smartphones can & often do produce wonderful hi-res shots.  (Local Only:  artist will travel within the Savannah area and photograph pet for free.)  Photo Preference:  When photographing, even lighting is preferred and will show your pet to its best advantage.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: personal check, money order, cashiers check, large greenbacks. Choose which form of payment you prefer.
•    $50 non-refundable deposit.
•    Balance due upon receipt of digital shot of portrait sent via email.
•    Or you may decide to pay entire fee up front.

One pet per portrait. (Sorry, no humans). For more than one pet in a portrait please contact me for pricing and information

Do you have a special request for a portrait? Let’s talk!
For questions or further information please contact Tara via email at:

loughlinstudio2012 “at”

(the email address above has been modified to prevent spam. Please use @ in place of “at” in your communications)





Savannah, Florida


Sophie, Florida


Jasper, Florida 



quvotheQuvothe, New York


Scooter, Massachusetts

scoobyScooby, Massachusetts

Buttercup, Tennessee

Buttercup, Tennessee


Leo, Georgia


Packer & Bama, Georgia

Billie1Billie, North Carolina

Yogi-Trixie-LeoYogita, Trixie & Leo, Georgia


CHEYENNECheyenne, Florida

MurphyMurphy, Florida


Penelope, Florida

Wayne2Wayne, Georgia

LouLou, Maine

whitneyblogWhitney, Georgia

lemurLemur Baby

AshAsh, New York

tate&laylaTate & Layla, Tennessee

JT brownJ.T., Colorado

NICKYNicky, Massachusetts

DozaDoza, Georgia

sumiSumi, Maine

Ichabod, Florida

Buster, Cheyenne, Duke,  Georgia

Sparky, Maine

Buckeye,  Georgia

Hank & Ellie, Alabama

Louis, Georgia

Darcy, Massachusetts

Lulu & Grace, Maine

Cody, Japan

Ellie, Florida

TahoeTahoe, Colorado

Benny, Maine

Teddy,  Colorado

HoochHooch, Georgia

Ash, New York

BellaBella, Georgia

GusGus, Georgia

Mack & GlideMack & Glide, New York

Murphy, Georgia


Spike, Lola, Tess, Merry & Nunzio,  Georgia

P.T., Maine

Dudley, Georgia

Roscoe, Georgia

Dakota & Winston, Georgia

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