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Addison’s Arizona Snow Day

Addison’s Arizona Snow Day is a story about a little boy who gets to experience a real snow day even though he lives in hot and sunny Arizona. Thanks to the efforts of Addison’s Grandma, an indoor snow day is created complete with snow, skating, snow angels and hot cocoa.
This wonderfully written story was created by Abby Reuscher in 2014.

Abby's book 1

Abby's Book 2

Abby's Book 3

Abby's Book 4

Abby's Book 5

Arm Chair Tails

Arm Chair Tails is a work in progress illustrated by Tara Loughlin and written by Patrice McGrath.  They are tiny children’s stories with universal messages about friendship, compassion, respect, observation and more.

The characters that make these stories come to life are cats and dogs who are friends and family of the author and illustrator. They populate the stories over and over becoming familiar friends with familiar habits. The first illustration shows Sophie and Hazel; two Cairn Terriers who are packed with personality —  they have no reservation about bossing their person around.  The second illustration is of Sophie and Hazel who are getting ready to hear their bedtime story.

Arm Chair Tails

Bedtime Story


Raining Cats & Dogs is a story about a lonely giant who lives in the sky and needs to find some friends.  He brings little orphaned cats & dogs to live with him in his castle in the sky. They are very snug in bed each night.

One day they need to clean the castle and so the giant squeezes a big rain cloud into the castle and the cats & dogs get washed back to earth.  Don’t worry, the giant rescues everyone and they live happily ever after.



Snug in Bed


Raining Cats & Dogs: Umbrellas Up!

Fighting Like Cats & Dogs

Fighting Like Cats & Dogs is about a cluster of animal friends who live in a very nice kingdom with a very nice prince.  They all have a job to do and they must learn to work together (and not fight like cats and dogs) in order to get the job done.

The Kingdom

Fighting Like Cats & Dogs: The Kingdom


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